A Survey on the Challenges Experienced by Forensic Psychology Practitioners in the Philippines

Arianethe H Villegas-Legaspi, Nixon V Agaser, Ma Rachel Miguel

Forensic Psychology is a relatively new field of expertise in the Philippines. Requirements for qualifying as an expert witness are severe, but these have not been to become united in the form of policy or guidelines. The research conducted explored the actual challenges faced by forensic psychology practitioners. There were 30 participants who answered a researcher made survey questionnaire. The study made use of a quantitative research design and explored Nine (9) areas of forensic psychology practice where challenges might arise among practitioners. The areas of administration and interpretation of instruments and writing psychological reports are particularly easy for the participants. While all areas appear to be relatively without any difficulties, the areas that received the lowest scores are court appearances and schedules, testifying in court, being asked by prosecutor/judge, setting professional fees, and dealing with lawyers. Three of these areas are related with within-court activities, the other two are on fees and dealings with lawyers.